Like many things in life, how a guitar feels and plays is a personal thing. Some people prefer nylon versus steel-string guitars. A thousand years ago I studied classical guitar in college, so while I love picking a steel-string guitar, I still feel most comfortable with nylon strings.

Beyond string type and gauge, there are a number of other things that affect a guitar’s playability. String height or action is another common variable. Some people prefer a lower action while others like bluegrass players prefer it higher. I try to get my guitars to an average string height. This way the new owner can make changes as they see fit. What I will not do is shave down the bridge or file the saddle down to the point of no return. Guitars requiring this type of drastic modification usually would benefit more from a neck reset.

Some of the typical actions I take with guitars to improve playability are: Truss rod adjustments, Fret leveling and dressing, Refretting, Nut and Saddle replacement, Strings, Tuner repair/replacement, and Fretboard cleaning and dressing. I try to be as transparent as possible with the guitars I sell to state all of the things I’ve done to improve their playability. 

In the end, only you will be able to decide if the guitar you buy plays as you prefer.

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