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I’ve been playing guitar for some 50 years. While I would not consider myself to be a great guitar player, I know what makes a great guitar. Below is what I look for in every guitar that I buy and sell. Keep in mind that I buy and sell guitars to play and enjoy, not sit in the case or closet. 



01 Tone

How a guitar sounds is perhaps the most important criteria when looking at a guitar. Tone is determined by how the guitar is constructed, this includes woods, bracing, glues, scale length, finish, and more. (Read more about tone here)



02 Playability (Feel)

Having a guitar that sounds good is great but if it’s not easy to play it will likely be relegated to storage. Playability is affected by things like neck shape and angle, frets, body shape, string height (action), fretboard, strings, and more. (Read more about playability here)



03 Looks

Of course, you can’t judge a guitar just by its bling, but having a good-looking guitar adds to its appeal. A good-looking guitar doesn’t mean it’s free from cosmetic blemishes. Most of my guitars are 30 years or older, have been played, and show an appropriate level of use for their age. (Read more about looks here)


04 Value


If you’re looking for that 1930s Martin D-18 you will not find it here, but you might find a great Sigma by Martin, Made in Japan (MIJ) in the 1970s or 80s. Rarely will a guitar at Doc Hanson’s sell for more than $1,500. (Read more about value here) 


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